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From the Edinburgh Fringe to The World Busker's Festival in New Zealand, Shelby has had some of the highest rated and grossing shows on the performance circuit.


This isn’t your great, great, great, great, grandfather’s Shakespeare. These wild, hilarious, one man shows sweep the audience up in action, romance, and laughter. Willy Nilly presents a "One Man Romeo & Juliet" with sword fights and sock puppets, "Hamlet & Ophelia" the prequel to Hamlet from before things went rotten in Denmark, and now the runaway hit "Dungeons & Shakespeare", where audience choices and rolls of huge dice decide if characters from Shakespeare's plays live or die. 



Stand up comedian Shelby Bond is an alum of The Second City Conservatory. He has been a headliner at The LA County Fair, and a featured act in The Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival. 

 He was a regular at The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, opened for Sarah Silverman, and was also a finalist in the “How Funny Are You?” competition for the ABC show, The View. He is the founder of the series of guerrilla-style, pop-up outdoor comedy/music shows in Los Angeles, “Concrete Comedy.”



Howdy partner! Hold on to your hat and glasses ‘cause there’s a new show in town (cue rolling tumbleweed). It’s the Wild West extravaganza, “The Cowboy Max Show.” 
This half hour to hour-long production (depending on your needs) packs a frontier-sized punch with trick roping, whip and joke cracking, songs, and good old-fashioned values. One lucky audience member will even earn a badge as Cowboy Max’s new deputy. Let the Cowboy Max show take you back to the days of the untamed frontier with Southern charm and western wit. You'll cheer the good guy as you enjoy an action-packed spectacle! So feast your eyes on Cowboy Max and you’ll see How The West Was Fun!!

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Come see London's hilarious chimney sweep, Jim Chiminey, in an interactive show for all ages. This Dickensian silly, sooty sweep, was born out of The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and performs stage and street around the world. This show, which can be fitted for your time frame up to 45 minutes, involves loads of audience interaction and non-stop laughs. Magic! Comedy! Danger! As Jim says, "Soot Happens!"



Shelby's unique vocalization has helped books jump off the page, humanize products, and brought animation and video games to life. Currently you can hear his Texas twang on Red Dead Redemption 2.

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From dancing with Julia Roberts to guest hosting "Loveline" Shelby has found himself in front of the camera since his teens. He is an MFA alumnus in Advanced Theatre Practice from London’s Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and a graduate from The Second City Conservatory in Los Angeles.

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