“5 Stars! Comic genius! All the panache and clever wit of the best British comedy writers of the 20th century! There are a great many must-see shows in the fringe, but it’s unlikely that you’ll laugh more at any of them than in this inspired hour of humor!”

 – Martin Christie, Edinburgh Evening News UK

“Relentlessly charming!”

Australian National Advertiser

“Shelby often held crowds in excess of 1000 at at time, which he appeared to do so effortlessly.” – Ruth Oakley Senior Festival Programmer, Southbank Centre London

“Likable and hilarious, he’s a definitely an up and coming comic to watch.”

-Vargus Mason, Comedy Central

“Bond’s charm is indisputable, and his nice-guy persona makes his irreverent humour all the more enjoyable.”

Vue Weekly

“With his warm personality and self-deprecating humor, there is no doubt you’ll leave with a smile on your face feeling it was time (and money) well spent.”

Ignite 107 Radio

“With a genuine and uniquely warm charisma he became an instant festival favorite.”

Deborah Axelrod, Festival Coordinator, The Winnipeg Fringe Festival