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    25 Reasons to Buy My DVD

  1. I helped you move.
  2. I gave you a ride to the airport.
  3. If we lived in the same town you know I would help you move or give you a ride to the airport.
  4. The DVD is almost entirely things you will not see on the Internet or anywhere else. It’s not like you could just watch it on YouTube or Match.com.
  5. There is a scene where I dance, pump and grind all over a full London subway train.
  6. Because I love you, Baby, you look so sexy tonight.
  7. Touring doing standup is a dream come true for me. My biggest goal in life is to make you laugh. How can I do that if you won’t let me? Why are you being selfish?
  8. Because I totally didn’t hook up with your roommate even though I could have because I knew would make things awkward between us.
  9. Seven ate nine so this reason is no longer applicable.
  10. It’ll make your eyes brighter, your skin glow, and you’ll lose 15 pounds without changing anything in your lifestyle. Results guaranteed!*
    (*not guaranteed)
  11. Adam, Shakira, Blake & Usher all turned their chairs around to watch it.
  12. Because I’ve got spirit, yes I do. I’ve got spirit, how ’bout you?
  13. Because….it’ll help end world hunger. Seriously, I’m so hungry.
  14. Because a meteor is headed straight for Earth and you don’t wanna die a virgin, do you?
  15. Because nine out of ten dentists recommended it. And the tenth was Hitler.
  16. Because I can’t do anything else with my life, I have no tangible skills. Not one. Why didn’t I listen to my mother?!
  17. It will stop you from thinking about the inevitable, oncoming zombie apocalypse for a while.
  18. It is relatively low in cholesterol, salt content, caffeine and Spanish Fly.
  19. Because it’ll piss off Putin.
  20. Because your brain needs a new obsession now that Breaking Bad is over.
  21. Because I won’t charge you 10 cents for the paper bag it comes in.
  22. Because It’s loved by Israelis AND Palestinians. Like hummus.
  23. I’m sorry, what were we talking about?
  24. Oh, right… buy it because the children. Think of the children!!
  25. It contains live bacteria for digestion!
  26. It will go back in time and help your father stand up to Biff.